About TransFirm Consulting

We are CPAs, Project Management Professionals (PMP), Certified Process Designers, and degreed information technologists. We have held in-house positions at law firms in key accounting and finance roles, for software vendors on their implementation teams, and for companies on their software development teams.

What We Do

For three decades, TransFirm has assisted prestigious domestic and international law firms and professional service organizations achieve their business and technology goals. We are distinguished in the market by our experience level, qualifications, and track record of service.

It is a significant undertaking for any firm to upgrade core business systems, but the task becomes surmountable with the support and guidance of experienced consultants. TransFirm Consulting has mastered the process of business and technology migration.

We have experience in all aspects of product selection. But, most importantly, we can tailor our approach to ensure a right fit for your firm and budget. Whether you prefer to conduct a traditional product selection or your situation requires a more streamlined approach, we can work with you to meet your needs and timeline.

Having negotiated a multitude of software contracts, our team is uniquely positioned to assist with the terms of your product and services purchase. We ensure that you clearly understand the business implications of the contract language and help you “read between the lines” so that your contract negotiators and counsel are well prepared.

We contribute best practices and a methodology fine-tuned from years of implementation experience to ensure your project achieves critical success factors, completes on time and on budget.

Process Improvement
Significant return on investment can be achieved by examining business processes and being open to new ways of conducting operations. By using industry standard process analysis and mapping techniques we help you get the most out of your legacy system and capitalize on investment in new technology.

Business Life Cycle Management
As business conditions and technology change, firms need to keep pace. Whether you are joining forces with another business entity, expanding your global reach, adding new functionality or simply upgrading your software, we have been there before. We will work with you to construct a comprehensive plan to take your firm to the next level and support your team along the way.