Consulting Services

We are a leading provider of consulting services to Am Law 100 law firms, providing the help you need, when you need it to address complex business issues.

Our Services

The changing software marketplace, client demands and competitive business environment are driving firms to enhance their technology and evolve supporting processes to meet ever changing needs.

System Selection
Finding the best-fit software to meet your firm’s unique needs, budget, technical capabilities, and strategic direction is a key first step in implementing a new system. Partnering with consultants who are product agnostic is equally as important.

TransFirm Consulting does not resell software, reward referrals, subcontract through vendors whose product may be considered for selection, or accept gifts of any nature.  Our focus is on you, our client, and ensuring that we provide unbiased guidance throughout your selection process.

Selection services we offer include:

  • Requirements definition and prioritization
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) / Request for Information (RFI) development
  • Vendor response review and facilitated demonstrations
  • Capability evaluation
  • Decision justification and management presentation

Contract Negotiation
Clients and vendors execute contracts with the best of intentions; but it is important to protect your interests should unexpected events occur. Our consultants help negotiate favorable contracts for our clients and, in the rare case where contract enforcement may be necessary, we are there to assist with issue resolution or separation.

Project Management
Achieving project goals within the given constraints of scope, time, quality and budget is an art-form. Add in the complexity of a new system, the challenge of change management, and managing risks and stakeholder expectations over an extended time period and suddenly the task also requires the science of project management to be applied.

Our goal is for you to be well prepared throughout the implementation process.  We will work with you to develop a feasible plan, appropriately resourced over an achievable time-frame.

From project kickoff to completion our experienced consultants can provide services at all levels from hands-on, day-to-day project and budget management to offering support to your in-house project manager with project coaching and advisory services.

Repeatable, proven methodologies ensure success. Our implementation methodology has been honed from experience gained on hundreds of projects conducted by our consultants over many years.  We employ best practices and utilize time-tested tools for every project work stream including:

  • Setup and configurations
  • Chart of accounts design and masking
  • Data validation and reconciliation
  • Integration mapping and testing
  • Templates design and testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Report and dashboard design and testing
  • Custom development
  • Documentation development
  • End user training
  • Go live support

Mergers, Combinations and Acquisition
When fate and synergies bring firms together their cultures combine. So, too, their technologies, process and procedures to achieve the reduced operational costs, leveraging of services, expansion of geographic footprint and competitive edge envisioned.

To accomplish this, the combined firm must efficiently analyze and agree on combined numbering schemes, policies, procedures, organizational structures, financial and reporting structures, data conversion and a plethora of other topics. Our consultants will help address each area expeditiously and in the proper order, while also providing change management and training assistance.

Process and Procedures Design and Improvement
Even the best software can’t produce great results with inefficient processes. Over time processes tend to evolve and become cumbersome, convoluted and manually intensive. Before embarking on a system replacement or upgrade it is important to ensure that processes are streamlined and procedures standardized across your organization.

Our systematic approach to process analysis includes fact-finding, facilitated process design sessions with functional users, an understanding of the capabilities and limitations of your technology environment, the development of current and future state diagrams, recommendations for process changes and technology considerations, and the development of feasible deployment schedule.

Upgrades / Enhancements
To obtain the most value from your software investment, it is important to stay current on product releases and version upgrades. So, if you have fallen behind and the upgrade path is unclear, or if you simply need some assistance moving to the next release, we are here to help. Our team members will analyze your situation and will develop a step by step plan to progress your technology to capitalize on the newest functions and features offered by your software vendor.